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Qualified and motivated employees are the most important investment for the long-term success of your company. Finding them isn't so easy – especially for vacancies in management positions and positions that require a high level of expert knowledge. Locating the right applicant, approaching him or her in the right way and selecting him or her from the many other applicants takes time and costs money.

H2h analyses and optimizes your recruitment process and supports you reliably in selecting the best employees for your company. Our long-standing experience and expertise in recruitment processes helps you save time and money. You improve your recruitment process in the long term and will be more successful in future – because your positions are optimally filled.


Are you wondering how you can optimize your process to visibly improve the results? Head2head gives you all answers to implement best practice.

1) The right activities

How do you find the right applicants?
How do you approach the right candidates?
What platforms are most suitable?
What events (trade fairs, seminars, user groups) come into question?
What role do your own employees play?
What social networks are of interest to you?

2) The right selection

How optimal is your interview Process?
How important is a accelerated decision Process?
How can be the selection be made more efficient?

3) the right arguments

What information does the applicant actually need?
What arguments win over suitable candidates?

4) The right employees

H2h optimizes the communication between applicant and company, preventing misunderstandings from arising in the first place. From the initial discussions through to the contractual negotiations we ensure that the goal is actually achieved: acquiring the right employee who will drive your business forward in future