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In order to win over the best employees in a more difficult competitive environment, the way your company presents itself externally is increasingly important. What is known as the “employer brand” could make your company interesting for employees – or not.

The following questions are important in this context:

  • What makes your company attractive to applicants and why?
  • What unique selling points should you develop and why?
  • What are the reasons that would make an applicant with similar options decide for or against your offer?

Head2head Employer Branding©


Head2head Recruitment helps you to continually develop your brand. We get information from a range of sources about the impression that you make as a prospective employer – and how attractive this is for applicants.

By working together in the area of employer branding we jointly analyse the benefits and drawbacks that you currently convey as an employer. Using the resulting SWOT analysis and available tools, we decide together on the next steps that improve the attractiveness and visibility of your company. This is how you further develop your employer image in order to be the “company of choice”

We continually evaluate the progress of the employer branding through the practically-focused feedback rounds in the application process itself, making sure that the right people apply to you today and in future.